November 10, 2020

Talk to me, turkey!

A new category is launched: “Jallywood” (if Ja’Crispy had made all the famous movies. Roll on the credits and the Oscars). We start with one of my favourite movies. Ever. No discussions. No judgments. I even had the main song be played at my wedding. No, I don’t fancy Tom Cruise anymore. But my teenager self got loads of hot flushes thinking about him and how his jet fighter plane would land on my airstrip. OK. Enough girl. Stay. Down. I am calm and I now have Ja’Crispy looking at me with a sarcastic look meaning “Bitch, when do you think would Tom Cruise look at you?”. When I did an inverted flight, Ja’Crispy. When I did an inverted flight.

Ja’Crispy’s gone now. As well as his side-eye.